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The most advanced IP video surveillance solution suitable for various security applications

A revolutionary security code pad with built-in personal voice guides to talk users through controlling and managing their security system.

Security Commander has arrived
The latest and most powerful management software for Challenger

Panasonic's Digital Video Recorders
Panasonic's latest Digital Video Recorders offer H.264 encoding with HDMI Full HD display and SD5Link

Hills VoiceNav Lite
Forming part of an ever strengthening product suite, the Hills VoiceNav Lite sets a new benchmark as an affordable, speech enabled, 16 zone LED code pad that is compatible with all Hills Reliance control panels. Encased in an elegant and slim profile design with individually illuminated soft touch keys, the VoiceNav Lite is perfectly suited for all residential and commercial applications requiring up to 16 zones of control.

The VoiceNav Lite comes well equipped with essential features, such as the unique built-in “personal voice guide” (PVG). The built-in personal voice guide enables users to control their security system with ease through the use of smart voice prompts, eliminating the need to decipher confusing flashing lights or referring back to lengthy user manuals. The VoiceNav Lite’s speech engine capabilities provide users with an exciting experience, not previously available in any
standalone LED code pads.

Make the Smart Step Forward with Panasonic's new 'i-PRO SmartHD' IP product range, which provides the most advanced and best IP video surveillance solution suitable for various security applications. The latest Panasonic SmartHD IP products provide outstanding clear and sharp images, with intelligent features such as face recognition, all at a very competitive price.

These 'i-PRO SmartHD' IP products are ideal for retail, banks, education and many other applications, providing clear identification of perpetrators, through the impressive megapixel quality of the cameras in the range. Users can migrate easily from existing analogue systems using the cost effective SmartHD encoder, further facilitating in the 'simple installation' of the SmartHD products. Installation is 'PC-less,' with a simple four step installation to follow (via a setup wizard) to get the SmartHD network video recorder up and running in no time.

'i-PRO SmartHD' features 'high profile' H.264 compression for high quality images and low storage requirements. The extensive range of new SmartHD cameras incorporate new camera sensors developed by Panasonic offering high sensitivity and low power consumption.

Make The Smart Step Forward and take advantage of the many benefits of Panasonic's new 'i-PRO SmartHD' product range.

A typical Panasonic 'i-PRO Smart HD' system setup:





WJ-NV200K - Smart HD Network Video Recorder

This new NVR is ground breaking in its simplicity to set-up, outstanding in its quality of images and HD Smart in so many ways!


Features include:
- Record and view up to Sixteen 1.3MP cameras.
- 30ips per channel.
- Compatible with H.264/MPEG-4 and JPEG compression.
- Automatic camera detection and simple set-up.
- Connect a Full HD monitor directly to the back of the WJ-NV200.
- Record Video and Audio.
- Web browser built-in for remote viewing and downloading.
- VMD detection.
- Intuitive search with calender and timeline.
- Two hard drives can be installed.
- Spot output available for an analogue monitor

SF/SP Series - Fixed Network Cameras

These new network cameras are available as either a Full body camera, (WV-SP series) or as an indoor dome camera (WV-SF series). The SP series also offers a new look bullet shaped camera




Features include:
- New MOS sensor.
- High Resolution from 800x600 (WV-SP302/SF332) to 1280x960 (WV-SP305/306 and WV-SF335/336) @ up to 30ips.
- True day/night ~ WV-SP306, (simple day/night ~ SP302/305 & all SF series).
- Automatic back-focus feature (WV-SP306 & WV-SF336).
- Focus assist function (WV-SP302/305 & WV-SF332/335).
- H.264 high profile, MPEG4 and Jpeg compression supported.
- Minimum illumination: Colour 0.3 lux, B/W 0.05 lux ~ WV-SP306
- Face detection.

WJ-GXE500E - 4 Channel H.264 Encoder

Convert up to 4 channels of video to IP in H.264, MPEG-4 or Jpeg. This smart encoder supports data-via-coax and cable compensation. Handy for those existing Panasonic analogue sites that need integrating into an IP system.




Features include:
- Encodes four channels of analogue video to IP.
- 25ips per channel.
- H.264/MPEG-4 and JPEG compression.
- Encodes @ D1/VGA or QVGA.
- PoE compatibility no external power supply required.
- Pan/Tilt/Zoom control of Panasonic cameras using data-via-coax or alternatively RS485 data out.
- Web browser built-in.
- VMD detection.
- SD/SDHC memory card slot for back-up during network failure.

Make the Smart Step Forward and take advantage of the many benefits of the new 'i-PRO SmartHD' product range.